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Yuhuan fine wide CNC equipment factory is located in yuhuan county,zhejiang province,white rock mechanical and electronic industrial park,our factory was founded in 2002,over the years,on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced numerical control machine tool technology,combined with its own rich production experience.The reason of the machine tool structure technology more up a level,update the X.Z to adopt steel rail of machine tools.Production and sale are slant bed set steel rail,flat bed set steel rail,rail line,car milling compound machine and a series of machine tools.Inserted steel guide our factory production is:high speed,high rigidity,high precision,high efficiency,and durable,machine will never be scrapped,can achieve the characteristics of the heavy cutting and finishing car once completed.To ensure that the production of qualified machine tools.So that the real value of the machine in the use of the fulI embodiment.